Recent Changes

Below is a list of all the recent changes we deployed on

Nothing new since the last time you came around, but that doesn't mean we weren't busy...


  • Fixed and improved unreliable Markdown processing of descriptions throughout the site.


  • Performance improvements to all course pages.


  • Fixed our lovely little CSS 404 page animation. The animation was breaking in some browsers.



  • The interface for adding seats in a team now correctly displays the price per seat instead. Previously it incorrectly displayed the total price of the subscription as the price per seat, which was... terrifying.

  • When directed to log in to from, users were not being redirected back to wherever they came from on That is now fixed.

  • Incoming course notifications from are now handled with better error handling if a user or a course can't be found, which admittedly is pretty damn rare.


  • New job posting for a technical database teacher.


  • Fixed communication issues from with courses that have a dot in their name (i.e. "Angular.js") because what we used to generate URL slugs was old and previously didn't follow current Rails conventions. It removed dots instead of converting them to dashes.

  • Fixed bug which caused errors when hitting the Play Course button, or coming to for the first time after completing a free course.

  • Fixed a markup bug that displayed a visible <p> element around feature Code TV descriptions.