Press Kit

Download Code School logos, and learn about the appropriate usage of the Code School brand.

Brand Guidelines

  • Code School NOT CodeSchool or codeschool when the name is written out as text

Logo Usage

  • DO use the logo to link to your Code School Report Card
  • DO use the logo to promote Code School
  • DO NOT change the color or dimensions
  • DO NOT integrate the brackets into your own logo
  • DO NOT use the brackets by themselves outside of the circle
  • DO NOT modify the logos in any way
  • Avoid naming your product or site in any way that implies Code School's endorsement
Download Logos

Brackets Logo

Includes color, black, and white versions.

Code School Brackets Logo

Full Logo

Includes color, black, tag/no tag ("learn by doing"), and light versions.

Code School Full Text Logo
Code School Full Text Tagless Logo