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2012 Report Card

Try iOS

I like to think of them as my backup singers…but I’m the talent that draws the crowd.
Mr. Higgie

25 Mac Minis

Before Try iOS raised $152,912 as a Kickstarter project, and before Mr. Higgie was even a thought, we started planning for the Mac mini farm that would power our iOS ideals. When 5,157 backers made those plans a reality, we swooped in on the newest Mac minis and bought our first plot of “farm land” from We now have 25 dedicated Mac minis for powering our every iOS simulator want and need. Visit Try iOS

Most Awarded Badge

Try Git Octocat
Try iOS

28 Thousand Badges Awarded

Octocat mesmerizes our Code School users. That must be why over 28 thousand course completion badges were awarded for tryGit, making it our most completed course of 2012. Octocat continues to teach Code School users how easy Git version control can be, and then locks in their attention with his little kitten tentacles. Visit Try Git

New Courses

badges awarded in 2012

15 New Courses

You've come to expect quality courses at a great value from Code School, but a little bit of free never hurt anyone. That’s why we launched three free courses this year: Try R, tryGit, and Rails for Zombies Redux. In addition to our 15 total courses of 2012, we also created 32 Code TV Screencasts for supplemental learning to keep you buried in knowledge. Visit Our Courses

Courses Played

lots of users

3 Million Courses Played by Our Users

You were busy this year. We’re not sure if you accomplished anything in your personal life, or if you even worked hard, but when it came time to learn at Code School, you showed up. You and our other Code School users collectively played 3 million courses this year. We can’t even tell you how many badges that is, you’re not ready.

Making of Videos

Making of Journey into Mobile

See how our Journey into Mobile course came to be. We give you a look at everything from the course selection process to the making of the course jingle, and we discuss the theory of universal design. Fluid, adaptive, and responsive design, they’re all part of the journey. In a mobile world, your design must learn to adapt.

Or, check out how we made a few other courses.

  • Thumb-try-ios Try iOS
  • Thumb-git-real Git Real
  • Thumb-rspec Testing with RSpec

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