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2015 Year in Review

It’s been another great year here at Code School.

We took our students on many journeys in 2015, including a trip to a magical land of candy and unicorns in our web animations course, the farthest corners of space in Blasting Off With Bootstrap, and the stage of a punk rock show in ES2015: The Shape of JavaScript to Come. But the best journey of all is any you take with your friends — and for us, that’s you! [Cue the studio audience: “Awwww!”]

Now let’s take a look back at 2015 while we start gearing up for another code-tastic year.

Sprite courses


Courses Completed

Droppin’ knowledge on ya like whoa. (We promise not to say that again in 2016.) (Maybe.)

Sprite badges


Badges Earned

Nice work earning all these spiffy badges! There’s plenty more where those came from.

Sprite path


New Path Launched

2015: The year we were all about that [data]base.

1,574 Days

Longest Course Completion

Nothing wrong with stopping to smell the course roses…

8 Minutes

Shortest Course Completion

… But sometimes you really don’t have to.

Sprite submissions


Code Submissions

So. Many. Lines.


Let’s be real — working at Code School is awesome. We get to work on fun courses that help people reach their goals, we have weekly yoga sessions (followed by weekly whiskey-and/or-wine sessions), and this year we even got bean bag chairs! What’s better than working from a nice, comfy bean bag chair? Not much, people. Not much.

Here’s a bit of what happened behind the scenes in 2015.


New Hires

Look at those bright, shining faces! They’re great.


Yoga Sessions

Namast’ay on this yoga mat as long as possible.

Sprite coffee


Pounds of Coffee Consumed

Because caffeine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

John D. Jameson

Smash Bros. Office Champion

Fear his blanket-cape of power.

Gregg Pollack

Ping Pong Office Champion

And not just because he’s the boss! (Sorry, Tony Danza.)