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At first, we were skeptical too–another preprocessor? And for something as simple as CSS? Using Sass on large-scale applications, though, reveals one indispensable feature after another. Once we started modifying site-wide coloring via a single variable, or handling fluid-width percentage calculations directly in our stylesheets, we became hopelessly hooked.

Assembling Sass

Sass and its popular extension Compass have long been among our most requested topics, and we’re thrilled to announce the release of Assembling Sass, Part 1. In this course, we focus on the foundations of converting your CSS over to Sass, all without sacrificing the output quality. Levels include:

  1. Foundation – an introduction to Sass, imports, comments, and nesting
  2. Variable – creation and use of recallable data
  3. Mixin – writing reusable chunks of style with optional arguments
  4. Extend – managing CSS class reuse and inheritance on the stylesheet side
  5. Directive – programmatic additions via Sass, including functions and each/for/while
  6. Math + Color – performing arithmetic and color alterations directly to values
  7. Responsive – simplify and optimize your responsive design workflow with Sass tools

Assembling Sass Interface

Once you’re through Part 1, which covers the major functionality points for getting started, keep on the lookout for Part 2 later this year. The additional levels will expand on the basics a bit and largely focus on the wonders of Compass. We hope you learn to love Sass as much as we do!

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