Reassembling Sass with Compass

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Part 1 of Assembling Sass introduced the preprocessor concept and covered major functionality points. With that foundation built, we’re excited to delve deeper into stylesheet optimization this holiday season and announce Assembling Sass Part 2.


Sass and its popular add-on Compass are routinely mentioned side-by-side, especially in the topic request area of Code School. As huge proponents ourselves, it’s been a joy to assemble a collection of techniques and approaches that are made possible with the addition of Compass. Levels include:

  1. More Sass: A deeper dive into core Sass functionality
  2. Compass: Introducing the Compass add-on and enabling its use
  3. Utility: Traversing helpers and utilities included with Compass
  4. Rhythm: Establishing and maintaining baseline grids with the vertical rhythm module
  5. Sprite: Relegating sprite generation and maintenance to the sprite module


Give it a shot! You’ll rapidly forget the pains inherent with vendor prefixing, sprites, and baseline grids (or, discover baseline grids for the first time). Schedule this course in before the ball drops on New Years, and enjoy succinct stylesheets in 2013!

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