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The design teams from Code School and Envy Labs all recently attended the Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our very own Drew Barontini was one of the speakers, explaining how to think through writing modular CSS. Never one to do only what is required, Drew built his own HTML slide app with AngularJS. Of course he open-sourced it, along with a way to do a version of slides with transcripts.


If you are interested in Thinking Modular CSS, check out his actual slides and slides with transcripts.


Having recently split our design teams to increase focus for each company, it was great to have all of the Envy and Code School team members hanging out together. This conference has some history amongst the teams, as it is how I met many of them. A few team members have attended since 2010, Jason VanLue spoke in 2012, Justin Mezzell spoke in 2013, and Drew Barontini teamed up with Nick Walsh to share their MVCSS approach to front-end development last year as well.

In addition to the fun and snacks, there were some fantastic presentations. While they’re still available from Twitter, you can see the tweets shared, or check out the list of wrap-up posts and notes from attendees.

Like-minded people

The best part of conferences is the people who attend. It is such a wonderful feeling to hear people share their knowledge and then talk shop with peers. In the video below, Daniel Ryan shares some thoughts on what inspires him. Part of his message is that “being able to do something where you can go to bed at night knowing that you didn’t just write code, but that you impacted someone’s life.” This is near and dear to our hearts at Code School, as we work to help others grow their skills.

Meet the team in Portland


After running this conference for six years, this year was the last Front-End Design Conference in St. Pete, with our finale coming up in Portland on August 22 and 23. The Envy design team and some of the Code School design team will be there, enjoying the beautiful city and local community.

Keep an eye out for new things

We love any opportunity to share knowledge and spend some time with people in our community. There won’t be any more of this specific conference after Portland, but keep an eye out for exciting things to come in the future.

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