A New Brand of Code School

Identity is a tricky thing. While it's just one piece of an entity, an identity can also represent more than just the look and feel of a brand — it can embody a culture. At Code School, we’ve been fortunate enough to have an incredible community surround us and help define our brand. As we've grown and evolved, it's become clear that it’s time to refresh our identity to reflect where we’ve been, and most importantly, where we're going.

We've donned the original Code School logo since our digital doors first opened. Designed by our own Jason VanLue, it's served us well all these years sitting on the site, printed on apparel, and laser cut into wood for a wall mural. And while our old logo fulfilled its duties, it did come with its own set of problems that we wanted to address moving forward.

  • We wanted letterforms to be unique and ownable.
  • We needed a logo that could scale to smaller sizes.
  • We wanted a mark that worked well with our logotype.

So, it's time to say goodbye to our old letterforms and look toward the future.

Old Code School Logo

The original logo we've been using since 2011.

To craft a new logo that fits our evolving aesthetic and visual language, we reached out to Riley Cran, co-founder of the Lost Type Co-op. It's no small task to ask someone to join a conversation that's so close to our hearts, but Riley dug right in. We knew we wanted something that paid tribute to where we've been as a brand, but in a more memorable and original way. Riley took our collective vision, and got to work on making it a reality.

Process Sketches

Riley worked through a number of concepts as we tried to find the right fit. He was patient, but respectful of our desire to maintain the personality of our brand. I don't know if you’ve ever tried to brand yourself, but we'll just confirm that it doesn't get any easier the second time around (at least, not for us). Our previous logo had truly become part of a thriving community, and we wanted to be aware of that during the rebrand process. We asked for a logo that was uniquely and definitively our own, and that's exactly what Riley delivered.

In our new brand, every letter has been custom created. Each and every bezier curve crafted lovingly. It's not taken from any previous typeface, but hand-drawn, custom lettering made just for Code School. Featuring terminals that flow much like a script font would, the new logo has a motion and energy that was lacking before. It's a logo that can stand out its own, and reflects the personality of both Code School and the community that surrounds it. We're incredibly proud of the result, and we hope you are too. While the new masthead is ours to have and to hold, it's just as much yours to grow and learn under.

Want to see what else we've got in store? Read more from Art Director Justin Mezzell in his blog post on brand updates and other changes coming to codeschool.com, or see our updated brand standards.