Brand Assets

How to use, display, and properly love the Code School brand.


Want to use our brand to show us some love? These guidelines will show you what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to displaying the Code School logo. With gusto.


To be used in any full display mockups where space allows. This is the preferable display.

To be used when horizontal space is limited in various marketing collateral.

To be used as an avatar.


Code School's logo is always shown in its branded colors or in white on a dark background. The same is true for the isolated bracket mark.

  • Code School Blue
  • Hex: #4cadc0
  • CMYK: 67/14/21/0
  • RGB: 76/173/193
  • PMS: 7710U
  • Off-Black
  • Hex: #4d4f50
  • CMYK: 66/57/56/35
  • RGB: 77/79/80


As a general rule with the brand, as well as probably in life, make sure to give the Code School identity some breathing room. These measurements should serve as a general guideline— meaning we trust you eyeing it. Cramping style is a punishable offense.


Dos and Don'ts

We're not asking a lot here. I mean, most of these should be obvious.

Feel free to do these:

  • Use the logo to link back to Code School
  • Use the logo in a blog post about Code School
  • Use the mark on your portfolio to allow others to see your Code School Profile
  • Build the logo out of cake

These are gonna be a nope:

  • Tilt, flip or alter the logo
  • Change the colors of the logo
  • Use an old, outdated version of the logo
  • Build the logo out of cheese whiz when clearly nice brie or even cheddar is available