Factory Girl

  • Caike

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WebDevEscobar said

Thanks, the screencast was clear and straight to the point!

42 Dev Team said

As if I didn't love FactoryGirl already, the bits on sequences was awesome. Never fully understood that until now. Nice work!

Christopher Mar said

I learned a few power user tricks from this video. I had been using the older style :parent => for inheritance. Nice to see the nesting does the same thing.

Also, I had never inspected the attributes or played with the factories in the console. What a great way to make sure they are behaving correctly before building the tests.

Jason Miller said

Just what I needed. Thanks for this Caike!


Carlos Souza said

Thanks, guys! Appreciate the feedback :)

steve said

well done! pareto's law, hitting the 80% of what you need to know. perfect!

spilth said

This was really well done. Thanks, Caike!

Eric Raio said

This was great!

Ryan Smith said

Awesome Caike! I had a fair understanding of FG before this but this definitely removed some of the guesswork I had.


FactoryGirl is a ruby gem to help create test factories for your Rails test suite. Caike Souza shows you how to get it installed and creating test data.