Getting Started with Clojure - Part 1

  • candera



Vishal said

Love your screencast so far buddy - great explanation

Ikenna Okpala said

Thanks candera for this screencast.. i also found lieningen is included in homebrew as well.. so doing brew install leiningen was pretty fast.

Michael Holroyd said

2min of intro for a 14min screencast. Skip to 2:00 ;)

Kevin Elliott said

Haha, those headphones were distracting. Otherwise, great screencast.


Craig Andera said

@shanekilkelly: I don't have any specific plans to talk about Noir in the series, but your interest in such is noted! We certainly think that Clojure has a lot to offer Rails developers, and that they'll find lots to like in the language.

@bijanbwb: That's a good tip!


Bijan Boustani said

Cool intro... I'm looking forward to Part 2. So I can get some closure.

Also, "brew install leiningen" seems to work fine if you don't want to work through the manual install process.

Shane Kilkelly said

Great video, well done! Question: Will later videos touch on using Clojure with the Noir framework to build web apps? I'm very new to Clojure myself and would love to see a good Noir walkthrough, especially if it were a "Clojure For Rails Developers" tutorial.



Craig Andera said

Also, by "customer confidence", I meant "confidence" in the sense of "confidential", not in the sense of "confidence in Clojure". :)


Craig Andera said

@beazler: there are quite a few applications that use Clojure in the real world. I've worked on a few that I can't talk about (customer confidence) but one pretty well-known one is Prismatic, which is something like 99.9% Clojure, and has some fairly serious performance requirements. There's a list of just a few of the many more at


Olivier Lacan said

@sbagdat We fixed the link, thanks for reporting that.

Brett Sanders said

Nice job Craig, clear and easy to follow. What are some real world projects that use Clojure that I might learn about? Is Clojure used on any current web apps?