Intro to Haml

  • caseyjenks

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linusan said

Really nice intro, thanks a lot!

wojtekcs said

very good intro for beginners

Patsy Price said

nice intro, I am off to write some haml now..thanks!

Jonathan said

Good stuff.

Gemma Weirs said

No closed captioning. Fail.

Lemuel Uhuru said

Video was perfect for me. I only heard of Haml and now I understand. Thanks

broederjacobs said

HTML made complicated :/ I fail to see why this is better than regular HTML.


Very fast intro!

rwhidbee said

Nice intro.

Ben Davies said

Thanks for screencast. Like someone else mentioned the transitions on some slides (like the attributes and nesting ruby loops) is a bit fast to grok.

tehfailsafe said

Awesome! Was looking for a new code editor because I was sick of typing out all the < % > %<#$= Now I don't have to!

ajspeller said

Thanks for the introduction. I just learned of Haml while completing a tutorial on Backbone.js.

Mike Henke said

kinda annoying the first min is chopy

Mohammed said

Thanks , Very good screencast

Onezino Gabriel Moreira said

Nice tuto. Try do one to webdesign public. How can they work thogether.

Alex Braha Stoll said

Nice screencast! I'm a beginner and didn't know what Haml was. After this good introduction, I am curious to start using it in my projects.

Rosen Tihomirov said

Haml is awesome but if you wanna go further try slim

Amadeu said

Thanks, just what I need.

David Becerra said

Very cool. I've started using Jade as I find it really annoying to have to type % before every tag.

I didn't know about the Ruby integration with Haml though. Neat stuff!

Garry T. said

Very cool. Thanks for this. Just a tip: slow down your transitions from slide to slide. I have to hit the Pause button numerous times. Otherwise, thanks for the clip!

Bruno Silva said

Very good! Haml is awesome...

bertomart said

Awesome! Been waiting for this.


Want to learn how to write cleaner & more efficient markup? We'll review how Haml can help you do that, and how it'll make your life easier when working with embedded Ruby code on Rails projects.