Intro to MVC

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Mark Howard said

Clear and Lovely layouts.

Peter Wang said

Very Simple, and Very Helpful!

Li Ming said

Very clear an userful! I like it. I 've introduced it to my Chinese friends.

Alistair Walsh said

the dialogue volume is so low I cannot understand what is being said.

Alvin Ang said

This was a really good, simple and easy explanation. Thank you!

Moritz said

Thanks a lot, that cleared the dust for me.

dm1 said

I particularly liked the graphic on your slide about the view...

dm1 said

I particularly liked the graphic on your slide about the view...

jedleman said

Great explanation. Thanks!

Mike Zaloznyy said

I didn't think you could explain MVC in 5 minutes. Turns out you can. Nice work!

ajspeller said

Thanks for the video!

Phillip said

nice work! great refresher

Yusuf Ali Bozkır said

please tell me different things codeschool, when i type mvc on google already i can find heap document and videos.

42 Dev Team said

Great breakdown of a complex concept in a simple way. I'll be referencing this screencast to my newer developers.

Cristiano Oliveira said

That's a plain and simple tutorial about MVC. Great Screencast!

Arthur Barros said

That was a nice screencast, very clear. But i don't think that using PHP as reference of doing stuff wrong was nice. After all thanks fore sharing you knowlodge

Stephen Brennan said

Thank you Aimee for this wonderful screencast explaining MVC. I'm just starting to work with this design pattern, and this screencast helped solidify how all the pieces work.

Celso de Sá said

Amazing, the best explanation ever! Merci (from Brazil) Aimee.

Shane said

Sequel Pro with Rails eh? ;)

Ofca said

very nice way of describing the MVC idea :)

Trevor Griffin said

Very nice! I know you said that someone should have background in OO, but I showed this to my wife and she completely got it. She's been tooling in rails lately and this was very helpful for her to understand some of the finer points of the MVC structure, thanks Aimee!

Emma Burrows said

A nice simple refresher on the MVC concepts as applied particularly in Rails. :)

Nola Stowe said

Great illustrations and explainations!


Model-view-controller (MVC) is a software design pattern used in many programming framework like Rails. In this introduction we go over the basic principles of MVC and its benefits for developers.