Most Useful jQuery Libraries

  • GreggPollack

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CaptainHitz said

The gift that just keeps on giving! Codeschool.

heliogabalo said

Good work and nice stuff.

Albert Pak said

Sweet screencast :)

42 Dev Team said

Couple of great gems in here. Nice work Gregg!

David Biehl said

i was looking for something like chosen just the other day, and now i have something. looks great, thanks!

Tony Lea said

Thanks Gregg :) I've used 'hoverIntent' myself and I really like it.

Jérôme Mahuet said

Awesome stuff Gregg. Another jQuery plugin I like a lot is timeago.js. It’s working the same way that “distance_of_time_in_words ActionView helper” in Ruby on Rails.

Miguel said

CSS Anti-Patterns.. sound really great!! I can´t wait :)


Gregg Pollack said

Thanks guys, glad you liked the Screencast. Igmarin, unfortunately we're not covering responsive layout, but perhaps we'll see some of that in the CSS Anti-Patterns course coming up. =)

Zolzaya said

Lool awesome stuff, very helpful. :)

Zack Siri said

awesome stuff, v helpful

Miguel said

I love the plugins for dimension devices.. great screencast!

Ismael Marin said

Excellent screencast, i can't wait for the new jQuery Air Course, will it be possible to cover about responsive layout?, I do not know if with this libraries or maybe the best practices to do it.

Eric Allam said

Another library that isn't a jQuery library but is super helpful to use with jQuery is underscore.js. As they say "It's the tie to go along with jQuery's tux".


Gregg Pollack said

Don't forget to hit that HQ button at the bottom right on the video, so you get better resolution.


There are a ton of open source jQuery libraries to help you build your web applications. In this screencast we'll walk through some of the more useful libraries that were recommended to me. We'll also look at a few newer libraries that help with Responsive Design.