Nginx and Rails

  • emachnic

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Verdi Ergun said

Please try to be more on point in future videos. Showing the CRUD app at the beginning was entirely irrelevant. Also try to sound more upbeat. I had trouble paying attention because your tone is monotonous.

davidpgero said

I didn't understand why vagrant install doesn't work me so I getting started a forked project where I added build-essential and other packages... while I want to push to forked project to master and I found it has before/after branch... :)


Evan Machnic said

Ikhkhorig, I see what you mean. It's one of those things that I wanted to try and touch on the surface but to really get into things would mean a bit of a longer screencast. Tradeoffs, you know?

Tyler Pedersen said

My point was that in the video you speak as though we went through it already. The video could be made more clear on this. I ended up figuring out what I needed to know but it was only after reading the blogs of others. I think if you added more information on the life cycle of how nginx hands off request to unicorn and how the configurations facilitate this it would be easier to follow. Also I think the newer syntax for the config files is a lot cleaner and easy to understand. It looks like your example are using the old way of doing things.

Tyler Pedersen said

You mention the proxy pass directive but I don't see it on screen nor is their mention of it earlier. Is there a video I am missing where you went over this? I only see 2 Nginx videos and neither mention or show it.

Matt Payne said

I did your challenge to create a CodeSchool notebook application and start using it. GREAT idea! Thanks.


Take a look at configuring the Nginx server from our first screencast episode to work with a Ruby on Rails application.