Pearson: Rails Tutorial - Part 1

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nmaravich said

This is really great stuff. It is the gifted few that make the difference - please continue knowing that you are making a huge impact even though you may not receive feedback that is on scale with the actual impact that all of you have certainly made.

linusan said

Finally an easy to understand approach to understand branching. Thank you for this. I've read too many bad explanations on this topic.

AwesomeDog said

Amazing! Learned so much about git and github. Have been using it wrongly all these months, disregarding merging branches with the master. This 30 min video has changed my workflow forever :)

UtopiaWeb said

This lesson isn't bad, but many of these concepts were already covered by other screencasts, i get that this series will be focusing more on programming, but i think that maybe setting all up with capistrano and a vps would have been much more enjoying!

However i can't wait for the future episodes, it was a satisfying screencast!

Albert Pak said

Sweetness! :) Keep it coming!


Olivier Lacan said

Glad you folks are enjoying this. We should be posting the second part of Michael's tutorial soon. :-)

Lemuel Uhuru said

I'm up to Chapter 8 of the Rails Tutorial, thanks so much for the knowledge!

Julio Betta said

You are THE MAN! You made me learn RoR with your AMAZING book! So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Matt Payne said

It's great that you are bringing in screencasts like this one and the Tapas. Thanks!