• Josh Cheek

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Daniel Loureiro said

Thanks alot for this video. It help me soo much.

Andrew Tinkov said

It's strange that this sreencast recommended after completing "Ruby bits part 1". I didn't get anything from this screencast =\

Alex Braha Stoll said

Great screencast! Pry looks very powerful. I will try experimenting with it in the future.

John said

brilliant screencast, short & informative.

Christopher Mar said

Great screencast. Real smooth and informative. Thanks.

Alex said

Thanks for the beautifully done video!

Konstantin said

This is a lifesaver. Actually I would appreciate some more info on debugging rails via console/pry


If you're coding Ruby and you find yourself in the IRB or Rails console often, you should definitely know about Pry. Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby.