Rails 4 Queues

  • Caike

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Zachary Abresch said

That's sweet. I didn't even know Rails 4 had a queue capability.

Digidentity said

Has anyone tried to backport this new interface to Rails 3? So we can use the new interface in Rails 3 apps already and worry less about rails upgrades of our code later?

(I tried Googling for it, but queue is such a generic term that I got too big a variety of search results)


Code School Support said

Yes, Theo. Rails 4 can handle multiple queues, like so:

Rails.queue[:payment_queue] = PaymentQueue.new Rails.queue[:email_queue] = EmailQueue.new

Theo Mills said

Can Rails 4 handle multiple queues?

zlippr said

this is great !!!

Shay Dadosh said

Bravo! Very interesting stuff. Thanks :)


Carlos Souza said

Thanks, guys! Just added the link to the app to the Resources sections ;)

Asher Cohen said

I think the source code is missing from the resources

Jeff Powell said

Interesting look at the new quing capabilities in Rails 4. Thanks for putting this together.


Rails 4 introduces a common Queue interface, which aims to provide a standard API for working with background jobs.

Rails 3.x offers different solutions for this, but each one exposes their own custom interface. In this screencast, we will take a look at the reasoning behind Rails 4 Queues and the current state for the API.