Rails App From Scratch - Devise

  • jvancleef

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jplindgren said

Those series were great. It is a shame that it was not updated with new episodes... =[

Albert Pak said

Any idea when Mailers part is going to come out?

also, would be a great part of this series to see CanCan used with Devise.

shunwen said

Hi Josh and all, really good tutorial. I did my exercise with rails 4 and it went well with some minor modifications, still working on part2's homework :D I deployed it to heroku following their manual here https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/rails4 ! For anyone looking for help I put my code here https://github.com/shunwen/wandrr , you can find there are other ppl's wandrr app on github too.

s s said

isnt it a 5 part series? why does it take so long to update them?

Garrett said

I dont know if anyone has every told you, that you sound like Ben Wyatt from the TV series Parks and Rec. He is one of my favorite characters. I was watching this tutorial and my wife thought that Ben had done a code tutorial. hahaha.

zzeniou86 said

it is possible to get a transcript or add subtitles ? That would be sweet :) Thanks for the effort and the series!

Phillip said

such a great series! thanks josh

Mike Henke said

Really enjoying this series!!! Keep up the great work. It is very appreciated!

Andre Lima said

I will appreciate if next episode explore mode detail how integrate CanCan with devise! Thanks

Mashallah Behbehani said

This is great, I had been muddling through this process recently on my own, and it's good to see a proper way of doing it. CanCan integration would be a great topic for the next video as well.

Tom said

Great video. I agree with Alan.. Please can you integrate Can Can. This would be extremely useful. Looking forward to your future ones.

alan Maciel said

Yeah... the second part at last!!!, please please add and configure cancan and rolify in the next video...

Antonio U. said

Great video! Keep up the good work!

will barker said

Great screen cast. Its really helpful to watch you work on the app & add these things in. Keep this series coming, its really helpful. Thanks!

Cole Winans said

Nice video, thanks! I think the "New Trip" might need to be embedded within the if statement, so you can't create trips associated with another user.

Daniel Gerep said

Thanks! Really good. If possible, please make a second video with more details, it'd be great =)


Time to add proper authentication to the Rails app we started building in the first part of this series. We'll use the popular Devise gem to get started and control access to specific parts of the app.