Rake - Part 1

  • Jacob Swanner

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Nick Fair said

Looking forward to rake part 2 as well. Good job on this one.

Felix Tsai said

Great class. When is Part 2 coming out?

Petr Skocik said

Great screencast. Looking forward to Part 2.

Christopher Imbriano said

The first minutes or so is exactly the problem new comers have when trying to learn a new tool - there may be a lot of information, but its full of jargon and hard to decipher. Thanks for acknowledging that and walking through even the introduction to rake. Looking forward to part 2.

Zach Reichert said

Great intro to Rake. Looking forward to part 2!

fire9 said

Good job! I like this.

Carles Muiños said

Good intro! Looking forward to watching part 2...

virg1621 said

You're really good at explaining the Rake commands, and I look forward to Part 2.

sanjeev said


Mark said

Nice intro! Part-2?

don hill said

nice intro, whats up with that keyboard on screen


jacob said


Rake doesn't provide anything explicitly for database access -- nor does it have a concept of "database tasks"; but, you could use any Ruby DB library you want in a task: ActiveRecord, DataMapper, Sequel, etc.

Alex Braha Stoll said

Interesting introduction to Rake, thanks! I hope to see info on accessing databases with Rake in the next episodes.

zzeniou86 said

Nice one, thanks a lot for that! But it is possible to provide (for us, the hard of hearing geeks) subtitles or the text of the this screencast?

Thanks again.


A look at the basics of creating Rake tasks. If you've been programming in Ruby for some time, or if you've worked on Rails applications, then you've used Rake before. However, you might not be familiar with the Rakefile syntax, or aware of all Rake provides.

This new series of screencasts aim to change that. Part 1 will cover the basic Rakefile syntax, task declaration, task dependencies, and file tasks.