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Mathias Uhl said

Thanks for this tutorial - it is a great introduction to refinerycms.

Antal1987 said

Good video... I'm interested in using entities relationships inside the same engine with appropriate dashboard user interface. In the video there was example of Team-Driver-relationship, when admin could create new driver by selecting appropriate team via combobox. Is that possible to simplify that process using nested routes, so that admin can select team in the teams page first and then create new driver in appropriate team page without selecting it via combobox?

alan Maciel said

Right now RefineryCMS now supports Rails 3.2 but it recommends using it with Ruby 1.9.3 not Ruby 1.9.1


greate video, thank's it will be versy usefuel for us.

sameera gayan said

This is a great screen cast, thanks a lot

David Silva said

Great Video, I was with some difficult in understanding refinerycms, your video helped me a lot!! Thank you

Josef said

Hello. Great video.

I just don't understand why you are overriding generated models. They are in vendor/engines directories and they are there for you. Refinery best practice is to edit them direct. Overriding is here only for copying files hidden in gem.

Martin Graham said

Really nice tutorial. Well done :)

Edward Wallitt said

Great tutorial - clear and concise. Will definitely look to use this in a future project.

Ismael Marin said

I think is important to notice, that the current RefineryCMS only works with Rails 3.0.X and to run:

refinerycms appname --rails-version 3.0.X


Refinery is a flexible and easily extendible Rails CMS that remains very accessible to an end user. In this episode, Josh Van Cleef walks you through setting up and customizing a Refinery app from the beginning.