Responsive Web with Initializr

  • tammybutow

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Carlos Magaña said

Great screencast, but... in the bath! really? it was so funny!


Tammy Butow said

I think I might try and do my next one up a tree or on a boat :)


Tammy Butow said

I was actually in the bath haha

dan said

On the loo making the screencast. Cheers, tammy!

Luis Martín said

Nice video, thanks for it! I hope you were not peeing while recording it. ;P

dorianc said

Thanks a lot! I'm happy when screencaster like you have understanding voice :)

denis said

Great entourage! Thanks for the screencast!


Tammy Butow said

Glad you all found it useful! :)

Javier Arias said

Thanks Tammy for this screencast. Is really very useful!

devosvictor said

hmm.. didnt know about this :) thanks for sharing!

David Becerra said

Great video! All while in the bathroom :)

Jay McGavren said

I can attest to the difficulty of coming up with proper lighting, though. I have to steal lamps from all over the house before I can record anything.

Bashar said

And I thought I was weird in my bathroom practices.

Eric Raio said

Awesome screencast!!

Ken I. said

Looks like you are in the shower during the video, but great information, thanks :)

Gabet said

Really nice, it would be good to have an initializr gem for ROR.

Miguel said

Yeah! Thank you very much for the screencast! Good info Tammy. I was also wondering where you were during the video ;).

Murat Ustuntas said

Thanks Tammy for the screencast that is really nice.


Tammy Butow said

Hi! Thanks for watching, just hanging out in the only room that has decent light in my house. I will be moving in March so hopefully I will have a nice space to film more screencasts :)


Responsive web is huge, and it's a great way to create a website that works on all sorts of desktop, tablet and mobile devices. In this screencast, Tammy Butow looks at Initializr, a HTML5 responsive web template based on the HTML5 Boilerplate.