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Olivier Lacan said

Alexandr, yes it's because of conflicts between different applications which use the same gems but different versions of them. This is largely solved by using Bundler nowadays so Gemsets aren't nearly as important as they used to be. You can read more about RVM & Bundler here: http://rvm.io/integration/bundler

Alexandr Zavalny said

Why use gemsets anyway? Why not just to install all gems to global? Is it because of gem versions? Like use one gem version in one app, and another one in second app?

Gabe Rosas said

This was great. Thanks much.

Bhavi Vedula said

thank you.. very concise and coherent :)

quanbinn said

very nice.

Phillip said

nice work


Olivier Lacan said

@beazler I'm glad it helped. It took me a while to understand the underpinnings of RVM myself and I remembered it was often a stumbling block for people.

Brett Sanders said

Very clear tutorial Olivier. The diagram around 4:30 .. Ruby Versions > Gemsets (global, projects) ... helped me to understand structure and use. Thanks!


Olivier Lacan said

Important note: you should not use 'rvm get head' to update RVM but instead go for 'rvm get stable'.

The reason: 'get head' fetches the current master branch on RVM's GitHub repository, whereas 'get stable' fetches the stable branch. And by all means, you should only use the stable releases. It doesn't mean RVM will explode in your face, but there's a much higher chance if you're using 'HEAD'.

My bad.

Aaron Seliger said

Thanks Olivier, this has been most helpful. Good high level overview to let me know what I should have on my radar to dig into further. Groovy!

don hill said

nice overview. Been using for a while, now I can start using the gemsets

Bill Tihen said

oops found it (on code TV).

Bill Tihen said

What is the URL to Even McNicks? video on general setup?


Ruby Version Manager or RVM is a command-line tool which allows you to easily install, manage, and work with mulitple versions of Ruby and mulitple sets of Gems. Olivier Lacan walks you through the basics of RVM, giving you all the information needed to work with it effectively.