Secrets of Keynote - Part 1

  • GreggPollack

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Brian Busche said

nvm, I found the framework link. Its on the first tab, duh.

Brian Busche said

Is there a similar package for Sublime Text 2 users, for exporting color-coded copy our to HTML?

Brian Busche said

There doesn't seem to be a "Join the Team - Learn More" link anymore. Where did this go?

cutenemo said

I love Keynote :) Great Tips

guntarion said

Greg is simply super awesome! He is like doing magic with Keynote :-) Can't wait for the second part.


Gregg Pollack said

SadFuzzy .. thanks for the head up, I've fixed the resource.

sadfuzzy said

Resources are not available :(

shunwen said

Now I know how to copy colored code from the editor instead of screenshot, thanks for the secret!

Jay McGavren said

@leeky Just tried Copy As RTF - awesome! Over hundreds of copies, that's going to save a lot of time. Thanks for the link!

spilth said

Thanks for posting this, Gregg. For some reason I always assumed you were using some special software for generating the screencasts. It's inspiring to know it's all done with Keynote. I might just have to take a stab at putting together a screencast for CodeSchool...

devosvictor said

Haha :D "Just cause i want to be fancy! " :p

Mark Flavin said

Great podcast Greg! One note if you uncheck the box under export>pdf that says "print each stage of builds" you will get each slide as it looks in the final view. Loved the curved arrow effect, btw.

Jon Abrams said

The right-angle corner box is fancier than the rounded corner box is fancier? We have come full circle! :D

Americo Savinon said

Great video Gregg. Looking forward for Part 2

Dave Haynes said

I guess I should have waited until 13:45. :-)

Dave Haynes said

What are you using to record this screencast?


At some point in your technical career you'll need to create a presentation with code in it. In part 1 of this series Gregg Pollack will walk you through some of the basics of making engaging programming slides.