Skitch & Jing

  • GreggPollack

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Dennis Poort said

Fyi, Skitch is also available for Windows by this time. Will definately check it out myself.


Gregg Pollack said

Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the link Jake.

Jake Craige said

Win 8 Pro 64bit, Chrome 28: The link to skitch shows page not found until I refresh the page. It doesn't do it when I remove the www with Chrome Dev Tools.


Gregg Pollack said

That's exactly what I've been doing lately Colin, glad you posted =)

Collin Garvey said

If you're a CloudApp User (, you can also drag a Skitch screen grab directly to the CloudApp menu bar icon and it will upload + copy the URL for you.

This is useful if you use CloudApp a lot (like I do) and would rather have all of your screenshots/fileshares in one location. Also, the CloudApp interface is less branded, so it feels about the same as going to the image URL directly.

Farbklex said

And I am installing Skitch and Jing right now... Great Video.

alan Maciel said

Nice tools, now I show to my clients how to use them, so we get better feedback.

Jeff Driscoll said

Great screencast. Now a new fan of Jing.

Priscilla said

Great to see these two products compared and explained. Thanks for making this video.


Bijan Boustani said

A screencast about screencasting within a screencast. I feel like I just got incepted.

Carlos León said

Hey Gregg: What software did you use for making this screencast?

devosvictor said

Thanks for the information ;)


Gregg Pollack said

Juarez: Screenr is good if you don't have privacy issues like some of the other people who have commented. Screenr publishes everything publicly.

Joshua: OMG, thank you!

Bruparel: I'll keep that in mind, although I don't think we have many "implementation" rules. We use them where needed I guess.

Bharat Ruparel said

This is cool stuff. Thanks Gregg. Can you do a follow up episode drilling down in more depth about using these two tools at EnvyLabs?

Joshua Warchol said

Under Preferences -> Share in Skitch you can set it to auto-copy the direct image URL when you click Share, saving you a bunch of steps.

Todd Emory said

Sweet. Screencasting for the masses. Thanks!

Seldon Stone said

That is if you upload it to the Jing service itself. You can go to the Jing settings and then "Preferences" and then "Customize Buttons". From there you can add a YouTube, Flickr, or FTP button if you want to make private uploads.

Marcin Wadowski said

Cool tools, but I'm just a little bit confused with privacy policy of this kind of app's. Isn't it that whatever you upload into remote server by i.e. Free Jing account might be access by anybody from the outside ?

Seldon Stone said

Thank you for the video. As a software tester I use Jing a lot to create screencaps or screencasts to include in bug tickets. I also use Skitch as well but that is at home because I have not been able to talk my boss into letting me use a Mac yet =(. You are right, this does help explain a problem..a picture is wroth a thousand words right?

Ismael Marin said

Nice screencast, thank you Gregg!


Two of our most useful software development tools at Envy Labs are Skitch and Jing. Skitch is a screencapturing tool and Jing is a Screencasting tool. In this video Gregg Pollack will walk you through how to use each of them.