Storyboard for iOS - Part 2

  • jonfriskics

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Abner said

Very helpful tut!

Greg Williams said

Great video, can't wait to get into #3.

Nick Breen said

Very helpful introduction into passing data between VCs. Thanks!

luketheobscure said

Great video, but that is clearly blue @3:10. ;)


Jon Friskics said

Hi Alex - we noticed that too and will be publishing an update soon that makes that section clearer. Thanks for the feedback!

Alex Chaffee said

Very clear! Only odd part was when we got to [segue destinationViewController] -- if you had named your second controller something else, it would be more clear that this property of segue has its own name, even if your app names this particular destination something else. (There's so much name redundancy in iOS, it's nice to know when it's forced and when it's optional.)

gomayonqui said

Thanks!, Great Screencast, I learned a lot!

steve portock said

John thanks, good video, you make it look pretty easy.

alfredo said

Can't wait for part 3 :)

Eric Rainey said

I learned more in 12 minutes of this screencast than I would have thought possible. Thanks for this awesome screencast which really helps demystify storyboards and the more complex navigation options in iOS.

Zachary Samsel said

Another great screencast! These are some of the reasons why the subscription to codeschool is worth the money

DarkGinger said

Awesome. Really helpful. Hope to see some more!


Jon Friskics picks up where we left off in Part 1, starting with creating a UITabBarController in Storyboard. He then goes on to create a UINavigationController, and to teach about how to pass data from one controller to the next.