Thoughtbot: Vim for Rails Developers

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Uri said

Very nice, I've been along time user of NERDTree and taglist , but still managed to learn a bunch of useful nuggets(command and plugins) to improve my rails coding with vim. Thanks

Also, I will definitely give rails.vim another try.

heliogabalo said

hello, Another wonderfull work, thankyou.

Andy Huynh said

download the video and watch in Quicktime for mac users (VLC is just as bad as watching online)

Jeff said

Can't get this to stream. :(

Mark said

Very useful guide for vim beginners like me. Thanks Codeschool & Thoughtbot!

Matthew Closson said

Really really awesome video, I couldn't help but smile almost all the way through. I've been really diving in learning a lot more vim recently and took a bunch of notes through this. Ben thanks!

iso said

I am in kind of the same boat as Carlos. When using VLC the video locks up on the intro music before Ben starts talking. However if I open the file with mplayer from the terminal it works fine.

  • Using Crunchbang (Debian Wheezy)

Carlos Alexandro Becker said

Downloaded video stops playing in the first music (audio still working, video freezes)

Alex Blakemore said

Nice VIM discussion, but I disagree with the recommendation to prefer Qwerty to Dvorak. The amount of time (and finger/wrist pain) you save with the Dvorak key layout is much more important than the time it costs to turn on Dvorak the first time you touch a computer. All computers let you set a Dvorak key layout in preferences or settings; its an ISO standard after all. And once its enabled, you can quickly toggle between the two layouts with a mouse click or control-key. Also it's not like you forget Qwerty completely once you learn Dvorak; just like you don't forget English when you learn French. If you think of the home row like a cache, then the cache hit rate for Dvorak is over double that of Qwerty.

alduro said

A bit older the Rails version. In case of ctags, Rails under vendor dir ? It doesn't work with gem.

ksiudy said

Does this video have subtitles?

Adam21e said

tldr; :Rfind won't work on latest version, you need to use :find

Long Version: I hadn't heard of :Rfind before, and I couldn't find that command. Turns out the current version of rails.vim doesn't use :Rfind anymore, it's just :find

Relevant lines from doc/rails.txt (line 61) rails-:Rfind :Rfind [{file}] Obsolete alias for |:find|.


Olivier Lacan said

Everything looks alright here, you should try again.

jan1024188 said

The downloaded video is broken, and live one won't stream. :(