Accelerating Through Angular

Create the future of web applications by learning how to build with Angular.

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Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Accelerating Through Angular

    Level 1 Free Level 1 Video | 5 Challenges
    Angular Ignition

    Get an introduction to Angular and create your first module and component with a template.

  2. Level 2 on Accelerating Through Angular

    Level 2 2 Videos | 7 Challenges
    Template Traction

    Start with a few structural directives and then transform your view with pipes.

  3. Level 3 on Accelerating Through Angular

    Level 3 3 Videos | 5 Challenges
    Tuning It Up

    Make your code more maintainable by organizing it into multiple components, separating your HTML and CSS, creating a data model, and splitting your data into a mock file.

  4. Level 4 on Accelerating Through Angular

    Level 4 3 Videos | 5 Challenges
    Data Binding Boost

    Explore how to send data from JavaScript to HTML and HTML to JavaScript using one-way data binding, and then learn how to do both at the same time with two-way binding.

  5. Level 5 on Accelerating Through Angular

    Level 5 2 Videos | 3 Challenges
    Service Fuel Injection

    Learn how to create your own services and then how to use the HTTP library to call out to the internet.

Accelerating Through Angular

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Create the future of web applications by learning how to build with Angular.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basics HTML/CSS
  • JavaScript: ES2015

About The Professor

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He's helped build Envy Labs, Starter Studio, and Code School. He also furthers education through BarCamp in Orlando, the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and the Orlando Tech Events newsletter.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 6 - 8 hours
  • This course teaches Angular 2 final (2.2.x).

Course Reviews (35)


Great job, team Code School!!


Greg is amazing as usual with his approach. Gave me an clear highlevel overview of things to expect with Angular.

bhargav sai

First and foremost, I have paid subscriptions to couple other online training sites and Greg is by far my favorite instructor. He has a very unique way of delivering which puts you at ease with the new concepts. Having said that this course may not be really ideal for a complete beginner though. I did little bit of reading and viewing few other courses before this course and I think the concepts are much clear for me. All in all, once again a good course from CodeSchool. Good job, Greg!

Student #350379

Very good, yet very easy to learn. Contents are represented in a nice way, anyone can easily understand & learn.