JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

Continue building intermediate skills within the JavaScript web programming language. Master function expressions, closures, hoisting, objects, and the use of prototypes.

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Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

    Level 1 Free Level 3 Videos | 14 Challenges
    Forest of Function Expressions

    Learn how to use and manipulate functions as expressions.

  2. Level 2 on JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

    Level 2 3 Videos | 15 Challenges
    Cold Closures Cove

    Explore the binding of external variables into local scopes.

  3. Level 3 on JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

    Level 3 1 Video | 5 Challenges
    Hoisting Hills

    Build an awareness of the pitfalls of load order within a scope.

  4. Level 4 on JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

    Level 4 3 Videos | 19 Challenges
    Ocean of Objects

    Create, fill, and manipulate the generic JavaScript object literal.

  5. Level 5 on JavaScript Road Trip Part 3

    Level 5 3 Videos | 14 Challenges
    Plains of Prototypes

    Using the magic of object inheritance, explore classes, constructors, prototypes, and properties.

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Continue building intermediate skills within the JavaScript web programming language. Master function expressions, closures, hoisting, objects, and the use of prototypes.

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About The Professor

Jason has been teaching since he was a kid and has racked up a bunch of Education degrees since then. A glutton for punishment, he's nearly finished with a Computer Science degree, too. He's built and taught curriculum for over 100 DVDs worth of educational material, barely living to tell the tale. He spends his lack of spare time wishing he could play a few video games, impersonating the British voice of his corgi, Charlie, and being the actual Voice of the University of Central Florida Marching Knights. Reach him with @ItsThrillhouse on Twitter.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 6 - 8 hours
  • This course features 13 videos, totaling 133 minutes of content.

Course Reviews (309)


Great Course for Advanced Beginners. Having recently completed a nine week bootcamp in full stack web development centered around the Rails framework, but lacking much experience in programming prior to this training, Code School's JavaScript track has been invaluable in both reinforcing and extending the basics of JavaScript and jQuery that were taught to me at a breakneck pace. This course was fast-paced enough to never get boring, but thorough enough in its explanations of concepts to never feel like I was being rushed through important aspects of JavaScript. Code School's approach of 5-15 minute videos walking you through one or two concepts at a time, immediately followed by several well designed coding challenges backed up with a hint system and accompanying detailed slides, is a winning formula in my books. Overall, an excellent course which left me hungry for more in this track.


Great!! The lectures were very clear and understandable, as well as informative. The examples helped a lot in understanding the material. The exercises gave a good boost in starting to become familiar with JavaScript in practice. They also had very helpful hints. The lecturer's personable style also helped in feeling at ease with understanding the relatively complex concepts. The course was great! Thanks!


The real deal. JS Road Trip is the perfect "gateway drug" to the world of computer programming: Part 1 starts out so easily that anyone (anyone REALLY) could take up the challenges, than slowly and steadily progresses in its concepts and complexity. Jason Millhouse is a terrific teacher, by the way, and makes the process way more fun and approachable than reading the same stuff from a book or a tutorial. By Part 2 you'll be really using your brains, and by Part 3 you'll be definitely challenged while you learn concepts such as Prototypes (which is definitely not an introductory concept) and Closures (which even some of my programmer friends were surprised to see covered by an introductory course at all). I really feel like a programmer now. The only bad part is that pure JavaScript, by its own nature, does nothing visible to a web page by itself. So if you'd like to program interactivity in a web page, you'd also have to take another course on HTML/CSS and then something else like jQuery, to apply your knowledge of JS on web page manipulation and interaction. Either way, I strongly recommend JS Road Trip as a first course for anyone new to CodeSchool. This really felt like a journey, and I've reached the end with a whole new baggage full of useful knowledge.


My favorite Code School course yet! I loved the depth and breadth of this course. Impressive job creating the imaginary "worlds" of each storyline. This course wrapped up the greatest quantity of hanging questions I've had about OOP. Thank you!