Welcome to Code School!

We believe the hardest part of learning a new technology is getting started. That's why Code School combines short videos and in-browser coding challenges to provide an entertaining learning experience that won't leave you feeling stuck. Play our themed courses to earn points and badges, and start beating levels as you learn by doing.

We offer six course learning Paths: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML/CSS, iOS, Git, and Electives (for all additional topics). We pride ourselves on being the best place to engage with new technology and hope that Code School can serve as a perfect starting point before diving deeper into pluralsight.com content.

Free Courses to Try

We've highlighted a few of our favorites free courses below if you want to give Code School a try and start playing courses now.

If you want to see more courses from Code School, you can check out our full content library. If you’re curious as to why Code School has joined the Pluralsight team, you can read Gregg's post on the Code School blog.

Whichever educational site you call home, we hope you never stop learning. Happy coding!