The Code School screencasting guide.

Creating Screencasts

Do you want to create screencasts for a technical topic or open source project? Below you'll find material for learning to produce high-quality screencasts. We're always looking for more screencasters to produce and teach in our community.

We're looking for producers who use our guide and produce content for Code TV. You'll be paid to create technical screencasts for Code TV subscribers. Sound interesting? Follow the steps below to get started:


Watch the video above carefully. We've also created a written guide. To watch the video offline, here's a Low Res (266 MB) and a High Res (833 MB) version.


Use this guide to create an audition screencast on any of the following topics: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, iOS or Unix. Send us an outline to get our green light before you start recording.

Get Published

Send us a URL where we can download your first cut. You'll get feedback on how to improve the screencast. Once it's up to our standards, we'll pay you, publish it, and get you on the schedule to start producing more.

Sample Episode css3buttons Gem by Gregg Pollack

Are your buttons ugly? In this initial episode of Code TV we learn how to make pretty CSS3 GitHub-like buttons in your Rails apps using the css3buttons gem by Nicholas Bruning.