Screencast Agile Best Practices Electives

  • Jay McGavren


  1. sadfuzzy said

    Thank you!

  2. Stefan said

    Good one! I'd love to see more content like that.

  3. Darren Wallace said

    Awesome episode. It's so easy to let the basics slip when you're under pressure to release. I've just reminded our guys I haven't seen an end of iteration demo for the last 3 iterations. Knuckles rapped - especially mine.

  4. Mike Pearce said


    A good overview of some problems in scrum here. The only thing is that I don't believe is that a product owner can be someone just plucked from another department. A PO is more than just someone with domain knowledge, they need a fair chunk of skills and knowledge associated with the role of a BA too.

    With a decent product owner, you wouldn't need to bother the stakeholders very often.

  5. Edmundo Perez said

    Nice work! It seems like we are doing things right at :D Yeeeiii! by the way... talking about retrospectives... try Retrospectus ;)

  6. afabio said

    Good video.

    However, I couldn't get it to work at all in Chrome (played for 6 secs) Only IE was truly smooth.

  7. Mike Henke said

    PO needs 3 things. Authority, Time, and Product knowledge

  8. Manimaran Malaichamy said

    Very well said about the practical problems that we are facing regularly during the product development. Thanks for this awesome video.

  9. Borja Martín Fernández said

    Always having this idea in mind: "Learning to say -NO-, earlier, will reduce future trouble in saying -YES-" Nice job, Jay Gavren, those examples seemed to be my daily issues!

  10. Frank Fuston said

    Thanks for the informative video! Very useful knowledge.

  11. dm1 said

    Title should be changed to say "Scrum" instead of "Agile", particularly since the content is littered with references to scrum terminology. For example, the agile manifesto makes no reference to the concept of timeboxing (ala sprints or iterations), though they are a centerpiece of scrum. Not a fan of the "best practices" concept either, as different environments/contexts require different approaches. Better would be a survey of various practices that work within given contexts.

  12. kf4wn said


  13. Helio Costa e Silva said

    Very good tips! Thanks for sharing!

  14. shturm said

    20 years of wisdom stuffed in 13 minutes. Awesome. This is going straight to my company mailing list.

  15. Manny said

    Thank, great video.

  16. Stephanie Sante said

    Nicely done well said. I have personally witnessed many of these issues where Scrum Best Practice Principles were not followed. Especially in regard to Testing.

  17. httpJunkie said

    Where are the other videos?

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