Screencast Angular on Fire JavaScript

  • Alyssa Nicoll
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  1. Ronan Connolly said

    Looks very useful :)

  2. Manu said

    Awesome. Alyssa is the best Code School teacher!!

  3. Cenkut OZKAN said

    impressively firebase !

  4. Faculty

    Alyssa Nicoll said

    You guys rock! Firebase + Angular does make'th me happy :D

  5. blacknight811 said

    Awesome screencast. I also love Alyssa and her teaching style.

  6. Ivan A said

    hello, I can't access NoteWrangler firebase DB (permissions denied on that url, should i import it in my firebase account and make the call ?
    Thanks :)

  7. Ivan A said

    (which is strange because i can access DB thru firebase vulcan!)

  8. Ivan A said

    my bad, was editing in service and not resource! all good! ... :p

  9. Ivan A said

    I noticed that the Note.get resource function crash with 3-way binding (note-show-controller.js), how so? Sorry for multiple post, it's the last one :)

  10. Faculty

    Alyssa Nicoll said

    @Ivan Resource function crash? I'm confused.

  11. Manoel Soares Hatzis said

    Great demonstration of the Tree Way binding Alyssa, very enlightening!

  12. Timothy Tavarez said

    Excellent screencast. Always happy to see something about Firebase.

  13. Christopher DEBOVE said

    Yeah thanks for this little screencast Alyssa =3 Can't wait for your (i hope it's who will do it) course on Angular2

  14. Faculty

    Alyssa Nicoll said

    I'm helping review it, Chibiblasphem, but our fearless leader Gregg is heading up the Angular 2 course. You're so sweet, but he will rock it. ;)

  15. Christopher DEBOVE said

    Oh if it's Gregg there's nothing to fear. That's the one with you and Carlos, i like the more.

  16. Jose Vera said

    Good explication Alyssa! could you add new courses with angular and firebase please? i want to learn more about firebase. Did you copy the code to configure firebase in the app?

About This Screencast

In this episode of Code TV, Alyssa Nicoll will walk through how to utilize Firebase within the AngularJS application, NoteWrangler, that was used within the Staying Sharp with Angular.js course.

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