Screencast Basecamp: Infinite Scroll Electives

  • Gregg Pollack
Badge student

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  1. bss said

    Finally we get to find out why search is useless on Basecamp!

  2. Gyuris Krisztian said

    This is funny :)

  3. nonsensus said

    I don't like this one at all. Maybe the naive first go at it was deliberately bad? I couldn't tell.

    Ryan Bates did an episode on this kind of thing back in 2011 that is a bit dated now but it's still a good base to work from.

  4. Alex Tangel said

    This is interesting! Gonna try it!

  5. wushuo1988 said

    this is cool. but how would you implement an actual "infinite scroll" feature without having to click on "load more"?

  6. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    I've just pushed a simple implementation of infinite scroll without having to click on the button. Please check the GitHub repository again:

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Gil said

    Have you guys tried to run it with production environment?

  8. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Hey Gil, I have not tried to run this in production. Are you having any issues ? Feel free to post any question on our forum. There's a category there for Feature Focus videos:

  9. Szymon said

    Screencasts from Basecamp are one of the best on Code School. This guy has code spirit. Provide more like this please.

  10. giorgi said

    Cool, I'll try that one.

  11. Andres Jr Iii TORRALBA said

    Thanks. This is very informative!

  12. Geraldo said

    Good! We've created a gem based on the will_paginate gem. Hope it helps someone:

About This Screencast

In this episode of Feature Focus, Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza walk you through their creation of Basecamp's infinite scroll functionality. They're joined by David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder and CTO of Basecamp (and creator of Ruby on Rails), who provides feedback on their feature implementation.

Feature Focus is a screencast series focused on practical feature builds and development problem solving. Watch as we build out well-known site features in a simple way and then sit down with the original product developer to get feedback on our implementation.

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