Screencast Behavior-driven Development with Cucumber Ruby

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  1. Dave Green said

    Nice screencast, thank you for making.

  2. Piotr Zientara said

    Great! Thanks for making.

  3. Piotr Zientara said

    in minute 4:00 the file batman_steps.rb was filled automaticly or was it pre-prepared?

  4. tke578 said

    Need more BDD tests!

  5. dscheider said

    Super helpful even though I've worked with Cucumber before (just not on graphical apps).

  6. Khattana said

    Video does not seem to load, is this an ongoing issue ?

  7. Juraci Vieira said

    You should never user cucumber for reusability of the steps, you should use it for readability only. After some years I found out that the most mistakes people make with cucumber is due to the fact that they use it for reusability instead of readability.

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