Screencast Build a Bank Statement CLI Application With Elixir Elixir

  • Carlos Souza


  1. Nola Stowe said

    Awesome, great examples of using Elixir :) :)

  2. Tyler Shipe said

    Great follow up to the Mixing It Up With Elixir course. Would love to see more!

  3. Helvanic said

    Hey. Thanks for the courses and this screencast, they are great! I'm facing a little problem. I'm on Windows 10 and after installing Elixir I can't use Mix. I get this error : "init terminating in do_boot ( )"

    Looks like an erlang problem since it generates an unreadable erl_crash.dump file. Can you help me ? :)

  4. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @Helvanic Glad you like it! Unfortunately I've never installed Elixir on Windows, so I don't know. But looks like some other people have reported this problem on Github

  5. Helvanic said

    @Carlos Souza It looks like it was an Erlang issue. For those who eventually face the same problem, I updated erl from 8.0 (version that is installed with Elixir) to 8.2 and everything works like a charm now. Thanks again for the courses !

  6. myuan said

    Really cool video. Elixir looks even more powerful when seeing it work in an example.

  7. Cairo Noleto said

    Awesome course and screencast!

    I have a question:

    In the "cond" video you use DateTime module and save the return of the function "hour" in a camel case variable hourOfDay.

    My question is: why? Why you use a camel case variable.

  8. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @Cairo Thanks! Whoops, my mistake. Should have used "snake_case" in the course.

  9. Cairo Noleto said

    @Carlos. ok, I forgive you! ;D

  10. Bogdan Agafonov said

    Hey @Carlos, thanks for courses and the screencast!

    I have 2 questions - 1) why nimble_csv and not 'csv' which seems to be more mature (at least version number) 2) do you have plans on creating courses/screencasts on OTP which is an essential part of elixir/erlang stack? :-) and when should we expect it to be published

  11. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @Bogdan Glad you liked it! Answers: 1) No particular reason. nimble_csv was the first one that came up on the search result at the time. 2) We are focusing on a Phoenix course for now, but an OTP course after that would make a lot of sense for sure!

  12. Charles Santo André said

    Excellent video! Elixir is really amazing. I'm enjoying even more programming with this powerfull language. Excited to learn more!

  13. Andres Felipe Vizcaino Restrepo said

    You guys explain very clear, good job and thanks

  14. yu lu said

    Excellent walk through! Looking forward to see more course on Elixir.

    I have a question regarding removing the "end of line" in "parse" function:

    defp parse(string) do string |> String.replace("\r","") |> CSV.parse_string() end

    The "string" passed in is the entire content of the file. I thought it would concatenate everything into a single line of text after replacing all the "\r" with "". How could the CSV library still be able to parse the text in this case? Or is the string is just a single "row" of the file?

    Many thanks!

  15. Marcos M. Riso said

    Very nice, guys! Waiting for more stuff for elixir! Regards

  16. Délita Makanda said

    nice video

  17. Massimiliano Bertinetti said

    Hi! I decide to learn Elixir and found Try Elixir. I really like the quality of Code School from the time of the first Rails for Zombies course. I think that @caike Carlos made an impressive work with this video and the 2 courses. Thank you!

  18. madav1 said

    This was very informative and clear. I really appreciated all the questions Hampton asked and Carlos answered :)

  19. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Glad to hear! :)

  20. ssmith2112 said

    Nice way to wrap up and summarize the Try and Mix It Up courses. After working through the courses it's relaxing to just sit back, watch and see it all flow into a real app without interruptions. Great job!

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will take what you learned from the Try Elixir and Mixing It Up With Elixir courses and build an Elixir application from scratch. We will first build a command-line application that is able to read a CSV file with a list of bank transactions. From there, we will demonstrate how to print that same list in a clearer format.

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