Screencast Build a CLI Karaoke Application With C# .NET

  • Eric J Fisher


  1. firekeys said

    good job guys! is there a possibility this could be coded in javascript or is it just c# i do both so i wanted to try both

  2. Faculty

    Eric J Fisher said

    You could absolutely write this in Javascript! What each line would do would be almost one to one. The big differences would be the names of the methods you invoke would be different, but serve the same basic purpose. For example instead of Console.WriteLine you might use console.log. This is the beauty of programming barring a few exceptions if you can do something in one language, you can do it in any other language!

  3. aquaday47 said

    I tried following this WUB, and was getting a File Not Found error msg each time the check was performed for !File.Exists(fileName) -- I tried running VBS in admin mode, which it turns out wasn't required. I printed for-loop with each of the songs in array and they were all present. I confirmed that the fileName generated by each number is correct, but it still didn't pass the exists check.

    Until I tried File.OpenRead() and saw the path called, I didn't realize the files used in the program needed to be in a specific folder...In my case, the following: ...Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\WUB karaoke\WUB karaoke\bin\Debug Just in case anybody else was having this trouble...thought I would add it here. Here's my question: Can you give some advice on good resources for translating these projects into functional entities and what sort of file structure/organization is necessary?

    I'm sure I'll be able to find stuff on my own...anyway...thanks for the WUB...Hope you will create some more (as well as additional C# courses here on CodeSchool.)

    It's kind of annoying that pluralSight would be charging me another $300 for additional courses after I put money down for the CodeSchool subscription. grrr...more than kinda annoying.

  4. aquaday47 said

    BTW, I meant Visual Studio when i said VBS (was thinking of Visual Basic Studio.) I found an answer to the question i posted regarding exporting programs on the channel9 c# tutorials.

  5. Faculty

    Eric J Fisher said

    @aquaday47 Sorry, I probably should have said something about where the files were located during the WUB. In my case I added them to the solution then set it to "copy if newer" which should add the file to the folder you mentioned automatically on build. (and as long as the path is relative that's where the program will look when run in debug)

    As far as the pricing and all that, please take a moment to provide feedback about that to I know things are being done to improve this, but not the specifics as I focus mostly on authoring courses.

  6. aquaday47 said

    Thanks for the response Eric; it was fun to learn via your courses, and follow along with the tutorial. Will work out a proper way of giving my feedback via that email once I've looked into it more. I didn't think I'd be interested in ASP.NET but perhaps I'll give it a look after I have reached the level of C# I'd like to be at. If you teach those too, I'll see you there.

  7. Lydia Gray said

    Really great tutorial, I built it while watching and had no issues at all. It would be great to see a follow up to this to add in playing an mp3 track with the lyrics.

  8. Faculty

    Eric J Fisher said

    @Lydia Thank you! Actually if you wanted this to play the MP3 files as well that wouldn't take much! You'd want to import a 3rd party library like NAudio then just have it open the appropriate MP3 before it starts writing to console. I'd guess about 5 lines of code. The only reason I avoided doing anything like that is at the time we recorded this is .NET Core was changing how you imported packages from within the code, so we avoided it to make sure the content would remain useful and accurate.

  9. Student #4271439 said

    Hi Eric, thanks for this course. Where can I find some .txt files to try with differents songs? I'll try to add some audio to make it more usefull... :)

  10. Faculty

    Eric J Fisher said

    Hello Student #4271439! I actually only made the one song's text file since I needed to time everything out. If you want to add additional songs though your best bet would be to copy the lyrics from a lyrics website to a txt file then trial and error your way through timing the lyrics with the song. (it's a bit of a time consuming task)

  11. cherrycupid said

    Hi Eric, Whenever I run my application and type "1" or "2", VS returns a "System.IndexOutOfRangeException: 'Index was outside the bounds of the array.'" error. "3" just returns a file not found, like normal. Would you know what to change?

  12. Faculty

    Eric J Fisher said

    It's a bit hard to tell without seeing the code, but if I were to guess it would be a mistake either the WriteLine call in Singer class (timestamp 23:57, line 10) or a mistake in getting the lines from the file in the Program class (timestamp 25:13, lines 41 to 46)

    If that doesn't work you can compare your code with the repository under the "Resources" section of this watch us build.

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In this episode, we will take what we learned in the Try C# and Keeping It Classy With C# courses to build a CLI karaoke application using Visual Studio.

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