Screencast Build a Flexible HTML Email HTML/CSS

  • Dan Denney


  1. just4kix said

    Hi, I just tried watching this video on my Android phone but couldn't as your video player seems to have no full screen option. Did I miss something or is there no way to watch these on mobile.

  2. Suie1 said

    Great screencast! This was super helpful!!

  3. Andy Beckman said

    or Get To Fixing Office... lol!

  4. williamhuaman said

    i've learned a lot...thank you

  5. Dyana Hua said

    Thank you!!!

  6. ggomersall said

    I thought you said in the video that Builder is free to use.... However the website says different? Whats the deal?

  7. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @ggomersall Builder is free, but Litmus also offers paid testing with your account.

  8. jerod hammerstein said

    This screencast and Dan Denny's class has not only taught me the best-practices of creating html email; the knowledge they imparted will save me hours of time trying to figure all the strange issues I will experience when creating and testing html emails.

  9. Student #1772876 said

    from now on I won't archive my emails directly and will appreciate every email I received since I now know how much effort it takes to make an html email. Damn!

  10. Student #1772876 said

    by the way, does anyone here know what's the next step where we can finally send this to an actual email?

  11. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @becomingjeramae That part varies depending on how you're sending. While it's possible to paste HTML into some email clients, the spam laws are really tricky. The popular choice is to use an ESP (email service provider) like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc. You can create a free account in either of those and test them out. You could technically paste the code from the course or S2B into one to test it. (You'll need to change to the service's variables for the unsubscribe link in order to avoid them adding the required footer. That's part of the anti-spam laws.)

  12. cervelo said

    Hey Dan. Firstly thanks for this course I've learnt a load of stuff. I'm almost there with my emails but I have a problem with my URL's in outlook. The email looks good and works everywhere else but in outlook my buttons get their URL's stripped out and when clicked they open a web tab saying "this page cant be displayed”. There is no URL in the rollover tooltip on the button but in my code the https is there?

    Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks.

  13. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @cervelo If you can share the code in something like CodePen or Litmus Builder, I could help more. My best guess is that the buttons are missing the second href, the one in the MSO conditional area. I've shipped emails missing those.

  14. cervelo said

    Thanks Dan…your hunch sounds promising! Does this work?

  15. cervelo said

    Dan…your best guess is obviously right. Thanks so much and its humbling to hear you've also done this… ha ha!

  16. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @cervelo Yeah I've done it enough times to recognize it. Glad you worked it out!

  17. sterling82 said

    Great tips and has furthered my knowledge with this tricky subject. Great work, thanks.

  18. khader91 said

    Thanks for the great course do you advise in using ready made template and customize it? can you also share links for tools to test and download templates ? is there a blog to follow the latest news about email coding?

  19. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @khader Yes, as long as you understand how things are working there's no need to recreate the code. Litmus is your answer for almost all of those questions. They have some high quality templates, their primary service is testing, and they run Community and their blog You'll need a free account for community and some limited testing and a paid account for full testing.


    Hi Dan! Just completed the Unmasking HTML Emails course. This is a great followup. Hope I am not being stupid but is there any way of getting hold of the course files for this so I can follow along with you guys?

  21. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There aren't any downloadable code files, but all of the code is available in Builder. It's the 3 Travvvel links under the resources tab above. You'll have to create a free account in Builder to edit them.


    Thanks for the quick reply Dan. Got the code and have my free account set up. Would be real nifty to be able to use the graphics files and work along with you. Will just watch the episode right through and start to build my own. :)

  23. afosterfamily said

    Thanks for the great Soup to Bits, Dan!

  24. Student #2272311 said

    Really cleared up the course. Thanks!

  25. eliavpe said

    Hi Dan, thanks for a great course and wonderful soup to bits. I wanna ask what's the best way of actually sending the email to my clients list. Thanks!

  26. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @eliavpe Hi Eliav, the best way is to use an email service provider (ESP). My personal favorite and the one we use at Code School is MailChimp (, but there are lots of options out there. This site has a list of some of the best ones:

  27. Aleksandr said

    That was great. Too bad there is no "Like" button or something like that. I've watched almost two hours of footage in one sit.

  28. kuldeep91 said

    Awesome.. I have learned a lot...thank you

  29. Emil Pesaxov said

    Very good screencast, altough many things were missing for me, like side blocks or how to flex the content as well.

  30. rckohler55 said

    Is Builder still free? I try to access it and it prompts me to sign up. If so, how do I access it.

  31. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @rckohler55 Yup! You can create a free account at (sign up)

About This Screencast

In this special edition of, Litmus Marketing Designer Kevin Mandeville joins Dan Denney in a follow-up from the Unmasking HTML Emails course. In the course, Dan demonstrates how to write code from a pre-designed email. During this episode, Dan and Kevin will build an email from scratch, starting with just some basic direction and content.

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