Screencast Build a Movie Listings App With SQL and JavaScript Database

  • Gregg Pollack


  1. Syonara said

    Thanks Gregg and Sergio - you make it look so easy LOL! It is great to see the code applied to real life scenarios.

  2. onmyway said

    Hey guys. Great screencast! You guys are both very knowledgeable, and I enjoy your teaching methods and style. However, it is VERY difficult for me to figure out how i can follow with, step-by-step, from the listed resources and couple comments you made in that regard. Is it perhaps possible to share exactly how to set up my local environment for this purpose?

  3. Jan Taylor said

    Wanted to give a shout out to the High West Whiskey bottle in the background!

  4. Steve Paden said

    Good refresher.

  5. sacrophyte said

    Curious, where is the follow-up project?

  6. Sam said

    You guys are so funny :-D

  7. ajplear said

    Can you all do a prequel course to show the javascript used to populate the app?

  8. Camilo Riviere said

    Cool course, but a bit cumbersome to follow the project.

  9. mjreissati said

    The title of the tutorial is misleading. One is led to think that javascript will be taught. Here we only plugin SQL queries. Queries that we have learned already. This is not right at all

  10. yuri_gagarin said

    just a suggestion . Maybe create a repo on GitHub so we can pull the code and follow along with the video?

About This Screencast

In this episode, Gregg Pollack and Sergio Cruz will build an application based on the skills you learned from The Sequel to SQL course. They will demonstrate how to serve up real data from a database by writing SQL queries.

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