Screencast Build a Quiz App With CSS Animations HTML/CSS

  • Alyssa Nicoll


  1. giorgiomartini said

    great video, bur you freakin video player always stops if you go out of full screnn which sucks!

  2. Daniel Bonates said

    there's a bug on level 2 challenges verification. I needed to skip it to continue...

  3. cetrix13 said

    Thank you, liked the pacing of the lesson!

  4. Tiago Ferreira said

    Around 44 minutes, instead of adding all that CSS, just use both instead of forwards. This will make the element have the styles of 'from' when the animation starts and keep the styles of the 'to'.

  5. Nick Burress said

    Love that you guys ran into issues and had to work through them. Super helpful. Great Soup to Bits!!

  6. Meru said

    Awesome video, had great fun to follow how you are discussing such problems:). Not tried out the code yet, but guess I will. Thanks for being that natural.

  7. Faculty

    Alyssa Nicoll said

    Thank you guys for your kind words and bug reports! Keep on rockin'!

  8. Iain Simmons said

    The link for Animate.css is incorrect/is a relative link. It should be:

  9. rickgarc said

    Awesome Screencast I learned a lot. Actually i learned more here than in the actual course. Keep it up guys!!!!

  10. Brandon Kirschner said

    Wonderful Soup to Bits and awesome course, thanks!

  11. Adrian Di Ruggiero said

    Very good video! Thanks!

  12. tbaratcart said

    Enjoying the video!

    Pretty sure the reason the bug at 45 minutes is seen only on the text because it has a delay applied to it. Both the image and text start out visible on the page, but the image immediately enters animation which sets it to invisible. The text has a delay applied to it, so it's visible, followed by it disappearing and then the fade-in.

  13. kimmyrae said

    Great video!!! I love these walkthroughs and watching you debug in real time. Keep up the good work!

  14. Jake said

    Do you know of any SVG asset online stores I can buy from? You mentioned their existence in the course, but a quick googling doesn't come up with anything.

  15. brenton said

    This Dan guy makes a great teacher I find. Alyssa as always brings lots of energy and excitement to the course.

  16. ryanpl said

    That kind of videos are great. Showing small mistakes, etc. More videos like that in all coursers!

  17. bentSnd said

    I got a lot out of this course.

  18. Kallirroi said

    Super nicely done, its great to put things in practice. Loved the link. Thank you guys!

  19. Fidz said

    Is there a PDF for the CSS? Something I can download and follow along while watching the video?

  20. tomada36 said

    You referenced something that sounded to me like "nbcss" or "mbcss", but I couldn't make it out clearly. For example, Alyssa says it at 3:48.

  21. Thomas Clark said

    Where's the repo for the starter code?

  22. RogerBaez said

    The course has been really cool! I actually watched it during the free weekend haha. I'm a 3d and 2d animator so now with this knowledge I'm planning to make something fun in my new coming soon website :D. Thanks!

  23. Zarina_374 said

    Great video! Thak you very much for posting it. Had fun watching you two ;) I am impatiently waiting for practising it!

  24. rlwyatt said

    Awesome video! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  25. yuki lin said

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. sharylous said

    Loved it! More of CSS Watch Us Build, please!

About This Screencast

In this episode, Alyssa Nicoll and Dan Denney will use CSS animations to bring a web app to life, implementing and expanding what you learned in the Adventures in Web Animations course. The app is a personality quiz to figure out which Sweet Lands character you are!

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