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  • Gregg Pollack


  1. Jonathan Ruiz said

    Awesome episode, I love the fact that it blends perfectly with the Ember S2B. These follow-up videos are great, don't stop making them!

    Btw, I share Carlo's hate for double quotes (I feel you dawg), lol.

  2. evan1234 said

    Very cool! I think I read somewhere that you were planning to do something like this with angular as well? It would be great if you could work in a many_to_many relationship into that version. Rails handles the relationships so nicely, but there's very little content out there on hooking more complicated db relationships into a front end framework.

  3. Joe Kueser said

    Great job guys. And thanks Gregg for pretending you don't know what Carlos is doing and asking the stupid questions. It really helps us that have stupid questions ;-)

  4. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Thanks, folks! :) Evan, we'll make sure to include that on the Rails/Angular one. Jonathan, thanks for the support haha

  5. Thibault said

    Great screencast, I can't wait for the rails/angular version. I would be perfect with some token auth demonstration, though it might end being 3 hours long. :)

  6. petey said

    Love these Soup to Bits screencasts, especially seeing Carlos work in Vim, split screening to see both functional and test code in parallel, and tying a Rails API with an Ember front-end. So useful!

  7. Michael said

    Great job, guys! I really enjoyed observing you two discuss why you're doing what you're doing. I know we covered it in the course but I really wished you would have added user authentication to the API before moving on to the Ember app. Regardless, nice work!

  8. Ale Bahls said

    Very nice !!! But if the videos had caption, would be better... because much people like me, dont have a excelent english.... Ty!

  9. shapeare said

    Any resources for building a user registration API? The rails API course only talks about server side authentication.

  10. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @shapeare for a user registration API you can definitely use the same exact concepts that were taught in the course, with resources such as Users and Session. For specific questions, let's move this conversation over to

  11. milkshoes said

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for making this video. Also would love to see a Rails and Angular series of videos with say Twitter mashup. Keep up the great work!

About This Screencast

This episode, hosted by Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza, touches on concepts taught in the Surviving APIs with Rails course and shows how to use them with real world applications. We build a Rails web API that powers a Reading List app.

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