Screencast Build a Responsive Site With Bootstrap HTML/CSS

  • Adam Fortuna


  1. Gabriel Coelho said

    The funny conversation between Jason and Adam make this SoupToBits worth watching. Hilarious. Great screencast.

  2. Bill Burton said

    This is a great follow-up video to the course! The iterative process of seeing how to enhance the site was very helpful. At one point, Adam mentions the possibility of server-side scripting or templating so the page layout doesn't have to be copied and pasted for each new page. However, for hosting on GitHub pages, a more logical solution is to use a static site generator like Jekyll, nanoc or middleman, etc. Since GitHub pages have direct support for Jekyll, a nice follow-up to this video would be converting the site over to Jekyll. See for more information.

  3. Mikhail Terentiev said

    Once I saw Jason, I thought there will be some custom JavaScript penetration in the website. Anyway, the video is great in terms of customizing the initially 100% pure Bootstrap.

  4. Zackery Gianotti said

    I hear you, Mikhail! Jason is the bane of my existence! I am playing of course. It is only because I have spent hours on his JavaScript lessons and struggle to keep up. He is a good teacher and so is Adam. I am very familiar with Bootstrap but I took this course in some downtime at work. I recommended to a new developer and now he LOVES Bootstrap. Good work, everybody!

  5. Michael Down said

    This screencast was entertaining and interesting to watch to see customisation to bootstrap put into action. The other little bits of knowledge are really useful as well especially for someone who has just started coding and using Brackets - the hosting section at the end is a good bit of extra knowledge to have also.

  6. jel111 said

    This is the first Soup to bits I have watched and this is great. The reason I say that is because this is an extension to the course that has some real world scenarios on how most would probably tackle this. I use Brackets myself and love it. Thanks guys!

  7. knopfler42 said

    Very interesting !! I will drop Sublim text for Brackets! Definitely love it ! Thanks for your very helpful vids ! Humm please what is the "calculator app?"

  8. Dustin Plunkett said

    Fist time watching a Soup to Bits, this was excellent. Oh, and Brackets! Talk about awesome!

  9. vishal akhouri said

    Nice one! Nice explaination for Git Hub hosting at the end. I have watched Soups-to-bits for Shaping up with Angular as well. Both these were super cool. Thanks!

  10. lutinonspeed said

    impossible to download the video... :/

  11. Faculty

    Adam Fortuna said

    @lutinonspeed Sorry about that! Downloads for all videos should be fixed now.

  12. francisngo said

    i second that motion with bill burton. this video is spectacular and a great follow up to the bootstrap course. i believe working with Jekyll would be a nice video after. Also, incorporating media queries since it goes hand in hand with responsive web design and bootstrap.

  13. adeleodwyer said

    Maybe I am missing so setting but I find it impossible to see the code that is being altered during the course of this screencast. I'd like to follow along and learn but it is such a struggle that I just had to stop watching. I will try again today - any tips??

  14. Gonzalo Diaz Ailan said

    This Soup of Bits is pretty awesome. Thank you guys! =D

  15. Lizzan said

    @knopfler42 - Late, but someone else might wonder the same thing - the "Calculator App" (which can do SO much more than calculating) is Alfred:

  16. Aya84 said

    I wish this video was captioned too. Just curious :)

  17. Ivan said

    Great show guys! Very good explanation of and Github hosting :) I am happy now :D

  18. Stuart Brady said

    I've worked through this path (from a beginner) and I now feel that I'm caught up with the tech. Things just make a bit more sense now and I think I can make my own webpage that will work on all devices. Thanks so much!

  19. Zhen Xu said

    The course stuff is wonderful. I noticed a funny homepage in the video with the current time and some buttons on the bottom. What is that? How can I get the same thing for my Chrome? Thanks!

  20. Faculty

    Adam Fortuna said

    @Zhen - I think that might've been Currently ( ) which is a slick Chrome plugin that shows weather when you open up a new empty tab. I'm a big fan of it!

  21. Manav Misra said

    Please make font-size in editor a bit bigger in future. It was a bit hard to see. On other casts with Alyssa Nicholl, it was easier to read the code.

About This Screencast

In this episode, Adam Fortuna and Jason Millhouse will take what you learned from Blasting Off with Bootstrap and help you expand that knowledge to do a bit more. We will set up a new blog page, and then walk through how to add more styles, register a domain, and deploy to GitHub pages.

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