Screencast Build a Store iOS App With Swift 3 iOS

  • Jon Friskics


  1. Antenor said

    Is it possible to get this in HD format?

  2. Edouard Goossens said

    HD would be great.

  3. brownmagik352 said

    I would suggest reading Apple's guide (at least the Swift part) before watching this screencast:

  4. domainxh said

    Just downloaded the master version of this file and ran it in the simulator. Seems like the Cart tab is not working correctly. No alert when clicked on Add to Cart and Cart does not populate. Any ideas?

  5. Gatreddi Avinash said

    It is because when the cart is empty initially our variable 'orders' in ProductViewController.swift "addToCartPressed" function is nil and we are trying to append 'order' to that , hence its failing. OLD code : var orders = Orders.readOrdersFromArchive() //this is nil orders?.append(order)

    Modify it as below and it works : var orders = Orders.readOrdersFromArchive() if (orders != nil){ orders?.append(order) }else{ orders = [order] }

  6. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    Thanks all - sorry we missed that! Just pushed a fix up to the repository.

  7. rsherwood said

    Would like to see more Swift IOS examples; enjoyed the full example.

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will expand on what you learned in the App Evolution With Swift course and demonstrate how to add products to a cart, show a list of products in the cart, and persist the cart on disk between app launches.

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