Screencast Build a Team Directory App With Django Python

  • Sarah Holderness


  1. SaviComm said

    No Video's yet?

  2. samir105 said

    Thanks. Heroku deploy guide helped me a lot.

  3. Michael Guay said

    This is great - very practical. Thanks guys!

  4. harago said

    thank you, this is wonderful :)

  5. You Zhou said

    Love it!

  6. Pasquale Conte said

    Thanks for video, great stuff :-)

  7. Iqtidar Ali said

    Nicely explained, thanks !

  8. ToshimitsuKugimoto said

    Thank you so much, this is awesome :D

  9. andrefurquim said

    I want a terminal like the guy... How can I achieve that ?

  10. Diego Vinícius Correia dos Santos said

    I came here to ask the same thing as @andrefurquim, wich terminal is that?

  11. Diego Vinícius Correia dos Santos said

    0:53:50 about the requeriments, i think using pip freeze > requirements.txt is more safety instead of copy it manually and forget about something by mistake. Generally i update my requirements file everytime i install a new lib from pip

  12. aznj50 said

    thanks guys

  13. Keerthi Vasan said

    Thanks guys.. This is very helpful after learning Try Django.

  14. vampvess said

    Thank you for the video, it is quite helpful. This video will be very helpful for users who are using Mac OS but not to those windows user, it could be difficult for windows users. By searching around internet, it took me about two weeks to figure out some of the error. maybe can provide some description, for how windows users can do it. Thank you.

  15. Bastian N. B. Burger said

    Great video! Helped me a lot with my own projects!

  16. Jason Tavares said

    To answer @andrefurguim & @diagowebd's question: iTerm2 (

  17. Jason Tavares said

    Oh, and it appears he is using the powerlevel9k theme or something. Here's a walkthrough I found to install everything (iterm2, oh-my-zsh, powerlevel9k, and the font)

  18. Jason Tavares said

    • something similar, rather
  19. Délita Makanda said

    more django courses please !

  20. indraniltiwary said

    Django for e-commerce?? Is it a nice option?

  21. beelarr said

    I am having issues getting the app to run on Heroku. I can get it to run locally, but once deployed to Heroku I get a "DisallowedHost at / Invalid HTTP_HOST header: ''. You may need to add u'' to ALLOWED_HOSTS." Any hints on what might be happening?? Thanks!!

  22. beelarr said

    Figured it out: Change line 28 of to ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['*']

  23. Vouivrer said

    I have a big question : where could I get the sticker "Orlando Devs" ? I would be very grateful if you tell me where I could grab one :) !!! Nice video by the way :) !

  24. Alexey said

    have error with import DjangoWhiteNoise? how to install it)?

  25. Steven said

    For windows users, this video is very helpful for setting up your virtual environment in the command prompt.

  26. bearsoup said

    Is anyone else having trouble pushing to heroku from a branch other than master? I've tried $ git push heroku [my-branch-name]:master only to get a push failed error with the following message:

    "remote: ! No default language could be detected for this app. remote: HINT: This occurs when Heroku cannot detect the buildpack to use for this application automatically. remote: See"

    I then tried to set the buildpack with $ heroku buildpacks:set heroku/python but get this error: remote: -----> Failed to detect app matching buildpack remote: More info:

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!

  27. bearsoup said

    I figured this out. Procfile needs to be web: gunicorn Directory.wsgi instead of web: sh -c "cd Directory && gunicorn Directory.wsgi to run properly.

    I'm not entirely sure why--this is just after a lot of time troubleshooting and consulting this github repo's readme:

    Regardless, it may be useful to update this screencast so that the project works for users building along. Because the screencast is great otherwise.

  28. Faculty

    Stefan Nychka said

    Thanks bearsoup!

    I checked, and actually, the key is not the Procfile change, but the fact you moved config files like requirements.txt to the root of the repo. e.g., works and note the Procfile is the same.

    Not yet certain why the Procfile contents don't seem to matter, but I did note there is no Directory.wsgi in your, my, or the screencast's app. Will check into that later, and may be able to fix up the screencasts repo. too

    Thanks for posting!

  29. ejuniorasas said

    Hello, the video is ok, but I think the way it isn't Ok. What about the tests, I believe that we need to know how to test our app, learning to develop with test and create this culture, so in the way, we will have a better app. It's just my point of view, my worries, because in the real world, the good companies, want the developer knows how to test. Thanks!

  30. Jason Karlavige said

    Just took a Python course in school. The Try Django course and this screencast is a perfect transition on how to use Python for web development. Thank you for these courses!

  31. Kris Cloutier said

    Are we going to get a updated version for django 2.0?

  32. ccdmproduction said

    in case your css isn't loading up: go to and add STATIC_ROOT='' at the very bottom of the page. I'm not exactly sure why it works though. My guess is that it tells django to look for any static directory from the highest level. Any observations?

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In this episode, we will take the techniques, concepts, and syntax taught in the Try Django course to build a team directory app with Django. We will also demonstrate how to load data directly into the app from a data file and walk through how to deploy to Heroku.

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