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  • Jon Friskics


  1. Frak Al-Nuaimy said

    This is a really good overview and a solid starter project. Thank you for making this. As an additional episode, perhaps you could expand on it by making the app download table data from the net via a JSON file and parsing it into the table. In doing so, you could demonstrate good UI practices for displaying data without hogging up the main thread.

    Furthermore, adding an example use of NSNotifications would more fully demonstrate all the topics covered in the iOS Operation Models class.

  2. shinstar said

    I too want to express my thanks for this video. I picked up a lot from this and am new to code school and just want to say that I find Jon to be a gifted teacher of coding. I just have two questions if I may! The first relates to the kind of boiler plate code that you don't get automatically from Xcode: is there a good tool for saving boiler plate code that you will have to reuse in projects, such as how Jon did for the archiving part of this project above? I think you can save code snippets in the object library area somewhere - is this the best place for it, or would you recommend a specific tool that is useful for this purpose? Secondly, just another question relating to first coding language for beginners to learn. I'm sticking with objective-c but other people have recommended that I start with another language to begin with. I want to develop for iOS so I have ignored that advice so far but given that this is my first coding language (as well as learning Xcode, frameworks, dispatch, etc.) would you recommend that beginners spend time learning to code with another language instead? Thanks again, I am thoroughly enjoying myself in these tutorials and learning loads.

  3. Joshua Soule said

    I started watching this video but after about 10 minutes I realized it's all in Objective-C so it will be confusing to see the old Objective-C structure used when I just started learning Swift. I hope more Swift videos come out soon!

  4. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    @Joshua - if you check out our App Evolution with Swift Soup to Bits video it has a bunch of overlap with the Operation Models course content but using Swift.

About This Screencast

In this episode, Jon Friskics and Adam Fortuna will take several Objective-C concepts you learned from both Try iOS and iOS Operation: Models to build a simple iOS app. You'll be building a simple note-taking to-do app from start to finish by utilizing both Objective-C and Xcode.

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