Screencast Build a UI in React Native With Flexbox HTML/CSS

  • Dan Denney


  1. Madmous said

    Great screencast. Very entertaining with lots of valuable information. Thank you.

  2. RenataCodes said

    Sergio Cruz is a dream teacher! Explaining things in easy way, not making me feel dumb - I really appreciate that. Good job!

  3. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    He's the best, thank you RenataCodes!

  4. Hannah said

    You have really built up my confedence to not hold back on things like that!!!

  5. Engelbert Zamudio Ponzzi said

    hey guys, you are awesome teachers. With both of you I learn now, ReactNative with the use of flexbox, and xcode simulator tool, is pretty cool!. Thanks and Best Regards!.

    Ps: Why dont use Slack for the FAQ´s of the course?, sorry I´m thinking loud!...

  6. Brian Lawrence said

    You guys did an excellent screencast. It would be great if you guys did another screencast covering the nuances of developing the app for Android. Is that something we can see in the works in the near future?

  7. xgqfrms said

    mobile first!

  8. Louis Otto said

    Great tutorial, very easy to follow along to

  9. Christopher DEBOVE said

    Hey Dan. At 0:17:00, you tried to use "width: 100%" on header and footer or "align-items: stretch" on the contaier and "align-self: center" on the child main. Could you not simply use "align-self: stretch" on header and footer? Anyway like always, really good screencast!

  10. Faculty

    Dan Denney said

    @Christopher DEBOVE Yeah, that would work as well. In the moment, my thought didn't head towards using align-self on multiple items, but you totally can. Good call :)

  11. Fyr0 said

    Great video! Didn't know autojump, love it.

  12. mansoor said

    Great Video

  13. ivdekov said

    Hey, when I try to run react-native run-ios (without having made any changes to the code), I get the error "Build Failed." What could the problem be?

  14. vignesh400 said

    where is subtitle ?? pls add subtitle

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will take what you learned from both the Cracking the Case With Flexbox and Powering Up With React courses to create a mobile app. These two technologies go hand in hand, as React Native by default uses Flexbox for its layouts.

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