Screencast Build Data Validations With Regular Expressions Electives

  • Dan Bickford


  1. giulz42 said

    This is a great addition to the Breaking the Ice elective! Thank you!

  2. maxcode12 said

    please what is the editor you are using for the rail ?

  3. Zach Barnes said


  4. Ron said

    Great video to applying what we learned the course to real-world scenarios. I'm gonna throw the word bad in here just to see if you are using your 'clean bad words' function in the comments section. ;)

  5. Jamie Barton said

    Really fun watching this you guys.

  6. Chriztian Steinmeier said

    Very well put together, to show some of all the different ways something like Regular Expressions can be used throughout a simple app. 10 points! :)

  7. salmen said

    In the validateName function, why you have double negated the statement ?

  8. santiperez said

    that other guy does not need to be on the video. I find annoying he is trying to explain stuff that is obvious, also making the video just way longer.

  9. Faculty

    Dan Bickford said

    The editor being used is Atom. You can find it here:

  10. Faculty

    Dan Bickford said

    In the validateName function, the statement was double negated to cast the return from match to a boolean. Basically cast truthy/falsey values to booleans. However, since match itself can only return null or a non-empty array, double negation is not needed in this simple example and can be left off.

  11. said

    nice info. thanks

  12. Donovan Glover said

    Very informative. Loved the course and the Soup to Bits. I remember using complex for loops and other techniques when I started programming some years ago, but now it'll be much easier for me to manipulate strings since I know regex. Thanks!

  13. Jacques Vincilione said

    Honestly, I really wanted to watch this whole thing, but I had to stop. Jon's input was the most annoying thing in this video. I assume that he was trying to ask questions someone may ask, but the more he explained obvious stuff the more annoying it was.

  14. Syonara said

    I do not think the previous comment was fair. Both guys are necessary - some listeners may not be as experienced and need his clarification. Well done Dan and Jon! Thank you.

  15. Aleksandr said

    Nicely done, lads, nicely done! And those bug-catching moments were fun as well)

  16. ghettocoder said

    I would have preferred that the video was focused entirely on solving real-world problems with regex using the regex101 website, rather than mixing in the different languages like JS and Ruby. For example, go over some more complicated regex matches, explain what people commonly do incorrectly, and then explain why a better solution exists and works. I'm a beginner and always end up with a pattern that I think works, but then something gets entered that I didn't think about and then the pattern fails.

  17. Tobias Österblom said

    Hi, great vids! You should've added the ^ and $ symbols so we couldn't add crap after the phonenumber for example

  18. Matt OToole said

    Really enjoyed this particular course. Good job.

  19. Sebastian said

    Dan and Jon are both needed! Thanks a lot for this video!

  20. Adekunle Umar said

    Thanks guys. Learnt about using regex in text editors.

  21. Jonathan Dadds said

    you cab see there phone numbers

  22. Stephen Fox said

    Enjoyed the screencast, thanks!

  23. Pavel Bochkov-Rastopchin said


  24. Alexey said

    thank you) nice course and this video, really enjoed it!

  25. ssuloglu said

    A great explanation on how to use regex with several languages and approaches.

  26. Shreedhar Acharya said

    really cool

  27. lblair2 said

    sooo AWESOME

  28. mushoniko said

    it was Awesome!!!

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In this episode, Dan Bickford and Jon Friskics will demonstrate how to implement regular expressions in several different layers of an application based on what you learned from the Breaking the Ice With Regular Expressions course.

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