Screencast Build Podcast: Bower JavaScript

  • Sayanee
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  1. Petar Dudas said

    Great video! The examples are great, really good explained where I can start optimizing my project from the moment I'm watching the video.

  2. Gustavo Pereira said

    Great video indeed ... simple, easy and efficient

  3. rafaelbiten said

    The video is nice but I don't like the 'requireJS' part of it. I'd love to see a solution that allows us to use Bower packages with Browserify. There's something called 'debowerify' but I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how the workflow would be (using gulp to automate everything). Anyone has tried it yet? Any ideas?

  4. dreamstyle said

    Great tutorial! Like the steps in the video.

  5. cortezcristian said

    Nice vid! Does anyone knows how can I have two different bower.json files in the same folder under the same project (turns out I have and admin panel and a public site dependencies)? I heard about a flag that allows you control this, but have no luck with it yet.

  6. John Malcolm Anderson said

    Great Video! It answered a lot of questions :)

  7. Student #1205951 said

    Great Video! It provides you all the information about bower!

  8. Bohdan Vorona said


  9. Nerdherd said

    awesome video!

  10. vic20 said

    I'm confused. Why is jQuery in the manifest, but Require.js is referenced from a CDN? Couldn't jQuery have been referenced from a CDN too? Or, couldn't Require.js have been put in the manifest? Why put anything in the manifest to install locally if it can all be had from a CDN?

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