Screencast Build Podcast: Gulp JavaScript

  • Sayanee
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  1. codetrek said

    Great tute, thanks!

  2. graphicbeacon said

    This is great, thank you!

  3. jose27 said

    very nice and dynamic explication, thanks!

  4. Elyx0 said

    Very nice :) !

  5. Kristofer Selbekk said

    great introduction - just what I needed to get started with Gulp after Grunting for quite some time.

  6. Donovan Glover said

    Thank you for your detailed explanation! I think I'm ready to try gulp in a project now.

  7. Julia Kudryavtseva said

    Awesome tutorial! I like it! ;)

  8. Ruslan Ustyugov said

    wow! magic!!

  9. Alberto Harres Rocha said

    "Why don't we..." x 1,000,000,00

  10. Orvil Juarez said

    Excellent! Great Tutorial!!!

  11. roseanngabon said

    Wow..This is really great :)

  12. John Edvard said

    Where is the like button? Good work!

  13. GaryPang said

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  14. Mooli88 said


  15. grbulk said

    Lovely fast brained lady! Intellectually stimulating screencast, although high concentration is required.

  16. DanielBeck said

    Well done tutorial!

  17. Anoop.P.A said

    Great tutorial!

  18. Samuel Suther said

    Nice video. Thank you for this.

  19. Andrew Garner said

    This is exactly what I needed. Thankyou!

  20. Manav Misra said

    Why don't we go ahead and say 'why don't we' a bit less often? ;) Great tutorial, especially when paired with the accompanying resources.

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