Screencast Build Podcast: Mocha JavaScript

  • Sayanee
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  1. Sergio Barrera said

    Great tutorial Sayanee! I am building my portfolio on a couple of JS projects and testing is one of the things I need to know and master.

  2. kingram said

    Ok. This stuff about redis is out of nowhere guys. You gave no guidance onit. AT ALL!

  3. ikhan said

    This is a nice tutorial for getting started with testing. Sayanee, I've an issue with blanket html coverage, though.

    My tests are passing, but when I check coverage.html which is generated by html-cov, it looks like this :

    When I set --reporter json-cov > coverage.json, this json file gets everything properly.

    Could you please direct me in right path?

  4. abdularbaaz said

    Nice tutorial. I liked it.

  5. Tony Archer said

    Note: I had to run: "npm i --global mocha" on my mac in order for the command line tool to be there

  6. Gustavo De Micheli said

    Awesome!! Great work

  7. seanmdillon said

    Fantastic vid, thanks so much. It appears blanket's html-cov reporter has been removed since 3.0 (, in case you want to let people know.

  8. Brett Layman said

    As Sean said above, html-cov has been removed. What would a good alternative be?

About This Screencast

In this episode of Code TV, Guest Screencaster Sayanee Basu from Build Podcast will walk through how to use Mocha, the JavaScript test framework for Node.js and the browser.

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